Tuesday, December 28, 2010


日一番: Day 1

When I left Japan at the end of July, I knew I was going to come back. I simply did not except it to be so soon. I got into the hostel around nine pm, after two flights (during the second I was too exhausted to try to flirt with the very cute boy next to me) and collapsed in bed after a long shower.

In the morning, I headed off on a tour of the town of Kochi, starting off with a visit to the Tsutaya, where Molly got me a cute little bear phone strap which I attached to my purse.

I also purchased the third and fourth volumes of Crimson Spell.

Afterwards, I dropped by the near Sunny Supermarket and went through town toward the market place.

Kochi is actually a lot bigger than I expected ^^;

I passed by Kochi Castle and will visit that on later days.

Afterwards, I headed to the marketplace for lunch, where I bought myself some Takoyaki.

I needed shoes because the only winter shoes I had on hand had heels and become very hard on my feet after a few hours.

So I bought shoes for ¥1,500. They’re nice and flat and I’ll see how they will work out tomorrow.

After walking and a couple impulse purchases, one of my groupmates, Sarah, pointed out a Jam store in an upstairs building and all I saw were the Angelic Pretty racks.

The night activity is supposed to be a sake tasting. However, since I don’t drink I just sat in and toasted with some ocha instead. One of the Japanese girls at the hostel played violin for us, like the theme of Spirited Away and Pokemon ^_^

All I can say is that I am so happy to be back in Japan.

And because I love Japanese foods, the meals of the day:

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  1. yellow milky planet skirt, ohh! how lovely!!