Sunday, August 14, 2011

Driving Towards a Fairytale

Day Drei

Upon researching my trip to Munich, I came across a location I knew I had to visit: Neuschwanstien Castle.

[photo from online website]

Built in the 1800s by Ludwig the Second, it was the inspiration of the famous Disney Land castle centuries later and stands proudly near the Austrian border. Originally, I had planned to take a tour up to the castle, but Iris and her father said they too had wanted to see the castle and thus I elected to tag along with them for the day.

The car trip that we had originally predicted to take about an hour and a half lasted over three due to some directional confusion, but I sat happily in the backseat, listening to their Dutch banter and enjoying the view of driving along the German countryside (even if I did start nodding off a little toward the ending on the trip).


After passing through many tiny towns, we finally stopped the distant form of a castle up in the mountains and quite quickly, it grew larger and larger.

OMG, looooook~

Although I had seen a few photos of the castle, it really is a wonder to witness in person. We parked and decided to eat (all hungry from the long journey and deciding it was best before the hike up) but the lunch lasted longer than expected too.

I think we were all sleepy from the drive and needed some caffeine.

Not as delicious as they looked T____T Sadness

I had wanted to take a tour of the inside of the castle, but it was already well past noon due to our time delays and thus decided to put that off. However, it was probably for the best since when we completed the hike and got into the courtyard we saw that there was incredible number of people waiting to go inside… Perhaps, it could be an excuse to return in a few years in order to properly tour the castle.

But even being outside the extremely tall walls and seeing the view from around the castle was incredible. Inside the courtyard, we saw a bridge not far off and trekked up to see if there was a good view from there.

The other nearby castle

It was quite a drop from the top of the bridge and sweet Iris and her father were both a bit nervous about it, a little to my amusement (Sorry)

Then again, I’m not afraid of heights. We got back down and then walked around the nearby lake, driving out to the nearby town of F├╝ssen before leaving.

Cute little German town.

Back in Munich, Iris and her father dropped me off at the train station and we said our goodnights to each other, exhausted but already mentally preparing for the following day.

It was slightly past eleven when I finally got into my hotel, not normally late, but I planned a five am wake up the following morning was the reason I had planned my entire trip… I went to bed a little after midnight, ready to rest but eager to awake, knowing that in the morning, I would have to be ready to become a little yellow fried chick ^_~

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  1. That castle looks absolutely amazing! It seems like you had a very good time and saw some incredible sights =D