Monday, August 15, 2011

Welcome to Berlin

Day Fünf

It seems that this summer, my trip was full of early mornings. With yawns, I woke up and packed the last of my things in order to move from Munich to Berlin. It wasn’t really an early flight, but the time was needed to get from the hostel to the airport, get through security and all those delightful things, wait around and so on and so forth called for small digits on my alarm clock.

However, it would be the first time in over a year that I would be seeing my dear friend Virginie, whom I traveled to Japan with last year and who had almost reluctantly agreed to meet me in Berlin for the concert.

Aren't we cute together? We had such a good time in Japan together T___T

Getting through with almost no problems (I was told off by airport security for having too many liquids according to German standards), the flight was a short one and soon I was in Berlin, wondering why the meeting point was literally in the middle of a crowded hall.

Yet soon I spotted my beloved Swiss girl and after some hugs and some squeaks, we got underway, both having little idea of how to find our hotel (hooray for printed instructions).

Now I must say I love public transport. It is so simple, and so convenient and both the tram, underground and bus systems in Germany are very easy to figure out. Transferring from bus to underground, we soon arrived above the surface at our hostel (which was admittedly a lot worse than the one in Munich) but was satisfactory nonetheless.

Not the greatest area

Checking in, I was forced to drag my heavy luggage up four flights on stairs X____x but we got settled in quickly before leaving in order to find the venue so we would not waste time the following day looking around for it.

This was a good thing because we would have probably spent at least another hour looking around the nearby square if Vivi and not spotted a girl wearing a YFC shirt (and I identified her as a fan from Munich).

Venue located, we set off to get something to snack on, having arranged to meet with Iris for dinner and to do some devious shopping for the next day.


Isn't she the cutest thing ever? I missed you so much, darling.

I can be cute too!

The amazing buildings of Potsdamer Platz

I love it when modern architecture is beautiful...

We met with Iris and her dad and went for dinner.

Yeah, I had no idea "ice" coffee meant... ice cream coffee. Iris, her dad and Vivi laughed at me.

And this wasn't meatloaf... I was so confused.

Since the Berlin concert was being filmed, for a live broadcast and for a rumored DVD, we wanted to make it special. And since Gackt had declared on his Twitter a few days before that girls should not wear underwear and that it was flattering to have it thrown onto the stage, we decided to do just that.

After some quick shopping around, we found two matching, lacey and padded red bras (one for Jon and one for Gackt) while Vivi got a pair of red panties to throw to You (one of the guitarists), whom she has an eternal crush on.

But you get a photo of a Lego Giraffe instead.

That night, suffering from a little bit of illness, sleep evaded me completely. I laid awake, worrying and fretting, dozing off on occasion only to wake up quickly again…

Which meant reflection time on my trip thus far…

Munich was beautiful. And drunk.

Seems German drinking can rival the Russians. Beer gardens, pubs, people drinking on the streets… However, at no moment did I feel unsafe because of it. It seemed as though everyone was there simply to enjoy themselves and to bond with their companions over a couple (or more than) pints.

The city was gorgeous, clean and rich. It felt warm and welcoming and I really wish I had spent more time there, looking at its beautiful churches, museums and learning more about its history. It is definitely a place I would like to return to one day and properly explore.

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  1. YES OF COURSE YOU ARE CUTE MY LOOOOVE ! (I don't know why I'm hyper these days)