Monday, August 15, 2011

Yellow Fried Chicks in Munich

Day Vier

[Photo from last year's YFC lives]

My alarm clock went off at five am and I rolled out of bed, ready to take the millions of bobby pins out of my hair and make myself look as fabulous as possible for the day ahead. As fabulous as one can for being a fan that flew almost 7,000 miles in order to see a band called Yellow Fried Chickenz.

I tried my best not to disturb my sleeping roommates, heading out to catch the metro for the industrial part of Munich where the club was located, arriving about fifteen minutes to seven at the Backstage Werk to see some fans had already beat me to the chase.

The grey morning

At too early in the morning

However, I was happy with my position, ready for the almost thirteen hour wait for the concert…
(I never thought I would be one of those crazy fans).

Numbers! Actually, they worked quite well in Munich. Maybe because it was a smaller club.

I introduced myself to everyone that was there, starting conversations and dismissing statements of “Well, that’s a looong story” by reminding everyone just how long we had to wait. Thirteen hours in silence goes by a lot slower than thirteen hours socializing, sharing stories and shouting at any and all cars that happened to drive by us.

We joked amongst each other, harassing a lovely old gentleman that happened to be passing by (faking squeals of delight when his jacket said “G” on it) and insisting he keep his gloves on for the photo that we snapped. Apparantly, he asked if we were models XDDDD and was surprised that we were all just waiting for a band, refusing our insists that he join us.

He was awesome. We all fell in love.

Slowly, a few more people arrived (I got to practice my Japanese with a Japanese fan that had also come cross-continent for the concert) made fun of our beloved by imitating his full-body “head”-banging….

They did a really good job!

… and tagging the signs put up outside the venue which had obviously not realized that this concert was for Yellow Fried Chickenz , making coffee runs.

Who is this Gackt fellow? We’re here for the Yellow Fried Chickenz!

That’s much better!

Ain’t we cute?

Upon returning from our coffee run we saw… *gasp*!

The red buses!!!

Having been moved twice, we finally settled down to form a lax line, Xia writing down numbers for everyone that joined us, playing guessing games and discussing band members…

She was Magnum… hehehehe. “Am I popular?” … “YES!”

A couple of the girls decided to teach me some German (swear words) and giggled continuously about how cute I was (I need to go to more foreign concerts, all the love I get from people ^___^)

They were so sweet.

Actually, I had been a little concerned going to Germany for the shows. But just about everyone was so amazing, so friendly and so happy to be there, so welcoming and the time really did fly by…

The sign grew and grew… Got tagged more and more.

All of us are going to….


A familiar face! We all cheered for Crazy D~

My new family. We really had a fantastic time together, I think…

The line kept growing…

And growing

Someone went around filming video messages... Mine starts around the 2:00 mark...

Soon we were being let past the first round of security and then waiting for a short time outside the venue doors, cheering when the film crew came out and before we knew it….

We were inside.

Of course, being inside just meant another an hour and a half wait, alternating between sitting down and standing. I talked to a Russian fan that was near us and chatted with the security guy behind the barrier, who said he was shocked that so many people came for a band that he had never heard of~

People starting to come inside the venue...

Seven-thirty came around and the announcements from the motha-fukkin’ press secretary got us riled up, shouting “Ous!” and then cheering loudly as Shinya led the very-much-on-time band onto the stage (and making sure my hair was tied up properly before it began).

To be honest, I don’t think I could write up a report of the actual concert. But I was immersed like never before in both the new and old music, shouting when called to, singing the lyrics and screaming at all the fucking fanservice, Ughhhhh~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Damn skippy it was a hot show.

There was a bra thrown onstage (that got caught on Gackt’s sound equipment), squeals whenever Jon and Gackt decided to put their hands (and groins) all over each other, making sure that Iris was still hanging onto my shoulders, breathlessness at the sweetness of the Show Your Heart ballad, heart-hands exchanged with You-san, starting chants of “Aniki” and “Daisuki” with Xia, being the only group of girls that knew to be silent when Gackt shouted for his brothers, holding hands with other fans high above our heads, fighting for a tie, singing the chorus of Uncontrol, laughing, crying, screaming, smirking, worrying and everything in between.

At the end of the show, once the band had left but Chacha was still getting the crowd to cheer, was our misfortune. Iris had been struggling with her health now but toughed out the concert in the second row by clinging onto me. I moved her to the front, Xia and I guarding her from the still-pushing crowd and when the security came over, he lifted her over the barrier and took her to the back of the venue.

A bit too worried about her to even notice that the concert had finished, once the crowd cleared up I ran up to talk to the security to find out what had happened, waiting until they let me through and sending one of the other girls to find her father who had left the concert halfway through.

After a lot of worry and talking to the medical staff who insisted she would be okay, waiting to make sure, we went off to gather up our things and head back to the venue, sending texts to Iris so that she could respond to them when able to. Finally leaving her to the professionals, we headed out; needing showers, food and rest, very very slowly coming off the high of being pumped to the brim with Vitamin G ^_~

And finally…

The damage that night.

But you know what. It was very much worth it.

(The Berlin report will be filled with all my Dears community insight/reflection)


  1. woah, I look GOOD at every picture you made 8D
    (Because you are always beside me...♥)

    It was SO AMAZING got to know you! I wish we could see each other again, at his next concert in germany ;D
    *saves all the pictures*

    you were so cute ;_; ♥♥♥

  2. Great report and I love the pictures ♥ will save them. ^^
    Was really nice to meet you there.
    Hope we will see each other again. :3
    (I was the girl with the bad english *laugh* and number 3)

  3. Thanks a lot for this repor! And I loved the pics and the video clip! So many familiar faces ;) and great to see so many people from different countries, too. Thank you again :)!

  4. "Someone went wround filming..."

    Thank you so much! Perfect report is perfect!!
    Oh and the bra was mine... ;-))

  5. Girls thank you for fantastic organisation of number system!!!!!

    P.S. the other camera-man name is Hashi (hope I wrote it correct), Crazy D told us at Moscow. Love them both so much!!!!!

  6. OMG ! i was there too!!!
    the concert was amaazziinngg!!

    and yes the security members are allways shocked xD it was the same by the girugämesh concert ^^

    (sry about the mistakes... my english isn't so good >-< i'm from germany :D)