Saturday, January 1, 2011


日四番:Day 4

Breakfast began with the presenting of the pointer gift to our sensei, who quickly made use of it during her explanation of the display set up in the hostel dining room, being New Year’s Eve.

The destination for the morning was the Ryoga Dou Cave and long-tailed rooster breeding grounds.

It was extremely cold out, but once inside the cave, the temperature rose up to a good sixty degrees Fahrenheit.

Not a lot to be said but a lot of photos~


Myself ^_^

Sarah demonstrating how narrow some of the pathways were.

Jason also giving a reference to how small spaces were. We were almost crawling through the cave at some points.

This was called "The Hanging Salmon"

Exhausted after many, many stairs.

The pot of God, thought to be left behind by inhabitants of the cave some 2000 years ago.

An experiment, with a pot set up to see if with time it would fuse into the rock just like the previous one. This was has been sitting there for 70-80 years (can't exactly recall)

Beads of water traveling down strings... I have no idea why this was set up in the small museum but it looked really cool.

I love bats, I think they're cute ^_^;

After the cave, we looked at the different hens and roosters the breeding grounds had before returning back to await it getting closer to midnight.

Wait, those aren't chickens...

And the long tailed roosters.

Once the evening came, we headed out to a couple of the neighborhood shrines to ring in the New Year.

A time of reflection, I did realize how good 2010 was to me.

I started off January with a vacation to Hawaii (ditching school in the process).
I received two full ride scholarships and was accepted into the honors academic society as well as the business honors society.
I graduated as a class valedictorian from my high school and took my dream month long vacation to Japan.
I saw Gackt in concert in Osaka.
I had a pretty good relationship with someone and am happy with the way it went despite the fact I ended it right after my vacation.
My mom got her citizenship.
School is going well, I am back in Japan for the winter and I’m already planning on returning in 2012 on an exchange program for a full semester.

So at the shrine to the god of knowledge, I threw in my change and rang the bell, clapped my hands and put in my wishes for an equally wonderful 2011.

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