Sunday, January 9, 2011


日十三番: Day 13

My feet~ いたいいいいいいい~

A long day of walking. We left before nine and got back around five, but it was a rather fantastic day.

We started by heading out to the Ryoanji rock garden Temple.

Photos along the way from the Youth Hostel:

Sap collecting tree

The groupies

There were remains of the snow that occurred in Kyoto a few days ago and while part of me genuinely hopes that it snows here, it is already so cold here right now…

And inside

There was a woman doing calligraphy for the temple:

I am so glad to have more time in Kyoto, it is such a beautiful city.

All the shrines, temples… and it is such contrast to Tokyo, with both capitols being so drastically different. And yet, I find myself in love with both of them.

The next destination was 金閣寺、or the Golden Pavilion.


Matcha with flakes of gold in it!

Lunch was had in an unmentionable restaurant, where we paired off people in the group. Not really. Just two. Because our Sensei wanted gossip???


Then we paid a quick visit to Kyoto’s shrine of knowledge.

I’m getting practice in asking people for photos, hoping to get some nice shots while in Harajuku and Shibuya.

Finally, we stopped by Kyoto’s Manga Museum and… well, let us just say that it was the only disappointment of the day.

The special display was from the show Oh! Mickey… which always weirded me out.

It was more of a library and I would have much preferred to see a history of manga and how they do the print pressing and such assorted goodness rather than something being equivalent to a manga café… minus the café.

Tomorrow, we go to 伏見稲荷大社。
Amongst things.

But the orange gatesssss~
I think my camera might overload.

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