Tuesday, January 4, 2011


日七番: Day 7

Being the first genuinely “free” day on our trip, most of us decided to relax, to laundry and catch up on our journals.

Following breakfast, a good portion of the group made the choice to watch Wall-E, using my laptop to view it since it has one of the biggest screens.

It was not until four o’clock that we had our activity, an origami demonstration that actually started out with a lesson on how build rubber band shooting guns out of chopsticks.

The medium sticks are meant to be eight, not four…

The process was a lot of fun and after it was completely, we practiced our aim by shooting at a sep up sheet of paper. Not without accident (ごめんなさい Corina~)

Afterwards, we constructed samurai out of origami paper with ease and then struggled slightly with making cranes since our instructor spoke no English ^^;

At the end of the evening, the usual group that I’ve been bonding with on the trip settled down in their room and began swapping horror stories.

Corina was telling us about how her imagination gets overactive and was describing how the night before she had taken a shower late at night and had started freaking herself out by thinking the sounds of the pipes clanging was similar to a hung body hitting a wall, as well as imaging the silhouette of a man behind her in the shower… Near the end of her story, our Sensei suddenly knocked on the door, causing a chain reaction of screams and then rib-cracking laughter.

Admittedly, I had almost jumped into Sarah’s lap XD

Of course, after that, I needed to go take a shower and had to keep telling myself to think of happy things.

Much longer post coming for tomorrow~

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