Wednesday, January 12, 2011


日十六番:Day 16
(Short post)

The first of a series of university visits, we spent the majority of the day as Obirin University.

Our curriculum consisted of doing a short series of presentations about California and Fresno, as well as Fresno State University (my college) and finally our experiences in Japan.

Upon our arrival, we took an early lunch break. While most of the students ate, my group made corrections to our powerpoint. Once inside, we met with one of our instructor’s former students and then went to one of the classrooms where we would present to university students who had recently returned from English exchange programs.

The classroom was rather full and before we started I asked the girls behind us for a photo.

We started off with a presentation with some general information about Fresno as well as California, giving some general background information, simple history and addressing some of the Japanese influence/presence in the community.

After the other three groups presented their less-than-factually-correct slideshows we had time to interact with the students. We simply talked to the girls behind us, discussing the different exchange programs we liked, exchanged names, did some language comparisons and then showed them how to play the game of Hangman XD

Following well wishes and a couple more parting photos, Sarah, Lina, Jason and I headed for Akihabara to meet my friend Sabrina, a ten-year English teacher in Japan.

Sarah x Lina. I ship it.

After a quick run around an electronic store, we got dinner at a kabob place just outside the store (quick and relatively cheap) before browsing around a number of unnamed stores

We spent the remainder of the evening sitting in a Starbucks just talking, joking and laughing, simply having an overall good time as a group of foreigners able to connect over some far too expensive café drinks.

PS. I apologize for the lack of photos of Tokyo. Since I’ve been here before I am being extremely lack of the photo taking and my camera remains in the purse most of the time. I will attempt to be more dutiful in the last couple of days.

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