Saturday, January 1, 2011


日五番:Day 5

A few of the students have been feeling under the weather, due to the time change, different culture and change of diet, but thus far Japan has treated me as good as always (my feet do hurt from the amount of walking).

The morning destination was Kochi Castle, which we had passed by many times over the past four days, but this time we would ascend it.

I find the traditional Japanese architecture to be incredibly beautiful and the sense it creates, especially when viewed as a foreigner, genuinely gives off a sense of history.

(Only posted because I love cute dogs)
Sneaking this photo, I wondered just how many photos there are of me in the world that I don’t know about >.< Probably not that many. But still~

Group shot

Let it be said that Kochi Castle has the steepest stairs that I have ever climbed.

View of Kochi

It struck me as how much the view from the windows of the castle must have changed over the decades and centuries, how building and roads and cars would have replaced the green, the small traditional houses, the laboring people…
And how it might change even more in the centuries to come.

I’ve never felt more bundled up in my entire life XD

Ramen for lunch. w(^___________^)w

On the way to Kochi’s largest shrine

I was really excited to see men and women dressed in traditional kimonos and yukata in celebration of the New Year. These girls were so cute, giggling when I asked for a photo but they agreed, so I was encouraged to get more.

The line leading to the shrine. It looped around and went through another courtyard, but actually the wait did not seem too long.

Approaching the shrine

I really am not fond of kids but Japanese children are the cutest things.

I’ve been enjoying Kochi. It’s a pleasant city, people are friendly and the pace is mild. It’s a pleasant experience being here. I am also going to have to start getting into the practice of writing 11 at the end of dates now rather than 10. Time goes by so quickly >.< But I know that is because it was such a good year. And the treat of the day~ Red bean filled fish waffle-like thing…. I love red beans *o*

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