Sunday, January 16, 2011


日十九と二十:Day 19 & 20

Saturday was our last full day in Japan. It was a free day so my group decided to take a tour around Tokyo, gathering up last minute gifts for friends, family and ourselves.

Our first destination was Ikebukuro, because Corina wanted to find a Toys R Us as in Kochi she had seen a large Spirited Away jigsaw puzzle at one, which turned out to be quite an adventure when it came to finding our way out. After almost a full loop around the building, we found the main street leading from Sunshine City and then hopped into an arcade so us girls could take some プリクラ photos.

We had a lot of fun trying to find our way around the booths and then deciding on the decorations. It gets a little difficult when it comes to getting four people into the frames.

A lack of photos today because since we planned on heading out to Harajuku, I had an excuse to dress up. So instead of taking photos, I spent the majority of the day having photos taken of me insead.

After Ikebukuro, we headed to Harajuku. I gleefully ran around the stores, happy as can be. We attempted to go visit KiddyLand, but it was shut down for remodeling or something of the sort.

Second to last menu item… We could not figure this out.

After Harajuku, the group returned to the hostel as some members of the group wanted to change shoes/coats and then separated. Lina and I headed to Shinjuku to get her Japanese textbooks and then to Shibuya as she wanted to see the statue of Hachiko.

Once all was said and done, the group rejoined in order to go out for our last dinner in Japan:

What better way to end than with a delicious bowl of ramen.

Overall, it’s been yet another wonderful trip to Japan.
Although, I must say that I am genuinely disappointed and even appalled by some of the students in the group, their disrespect and their sheer disregard for a culture different from their own, despite this being a culture study class.

However, I convinced myself not to dwell on that, but on the good experiences I have had in this country once again. I do love being here, I love having the opportunity to visit this country.

For the those people that I spent time with on the trip, Corina, Lina, Sarah and Jason, thanks for being amazing people that can appreciate such a thing.

And Sensei, I am very glad that you were our instructor for this course and for tolerating us.
どもありがとうございました。<(_ _)>

I did have an amazing time.


  1. Aw, YOU are amazing. Love that you posted our last day in Tokyo. I'll have to see you in full Loli again for sure!!


  2. Hello, I came across your blog today and just finished reading all of your posts. I especially enjoyed the ones about your stay in Japan. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences and all the beautiful and interesting photos! ^^